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What should I do if I forget my account username or password and enter it incorrectly several times in a row, and my account is restricted?

If you forget your account username, you can contact our online customer service, they will verify your identity and help you with it.

How do I check the details of my funds?

PC Version: Login to WinWay → Click into “Personal Profile” to check your fund details.

Web Version: Login to WinWay → Click into “Personal Profile” and click “Fund Details” to check your fund information.

App Version: Login to WinWay → Click into “Personal Profile” and click “Fund Details” to check your fund details

Does the website allow multiple connections to one bank card?

A bank card on this website can only be bound to one member's account

What is Live Betting?

A live betting is a bet on an event that is in progress. Live betting is accepted when the event is in progress; when the event is over or the handicap is not shown on the betting screen, the betting will stop.

How long does it take to settle an order?

Under normal circumstances, the winnings of single race bets will be returned to the players within 15-30 minutes after the confirmation of the matches’ results, some matches may require a longer time to process (such as waivers, race interruptions and other situations.

If a match is interrupted or cancelled, will the betting slip be cancelled?

If a game or event is cancelled, interrupted, or delayed and does not restart within 36 hours of the official designated kickoff time, all bets on that event shall be considered void and cancelled unless otherwise specified in the individual sports rules. Some matches with unconditional decisions will be settled according to the respective sporting rules stated for these events. The decision of the company to cancel all bets on the event shall be considered final and without reference to the decision of the official tournament judge or the relevant ministry. Parlays will continue to be settled according to the results of the remaining matches on the order. Cancelled events are calculated at the odds of 1 in the settlement formula.

Why is there a re-payout?

If the score or result initially posted on the website needs to be revised, there will be a change in the result. For settlement purposes, the results of the event will be determined on the same day, except as noted in the individual sport or event rules. If there is any dispute about the results 72 hours after the announcement of the results, we will not deal with it. The company will only correct errors caused by human, system or webpage errors related to the reference results.

Login Problems

Forget Password

In the login page → Click “Forget Password?” → Enter “ Retrieve password by using mobile number” → Fill in the verification code sent to your mobile number → Verification done → Set your new password → Confirm

You can contact our online customer service if you have forgotten your account username

SMS Verification Code

Please check whether your mobile number is filled correctly, it may also be caused by the delay of network, please be patient and wait until you receive the verification code.

Some mobile numbers may not receive the SMS verification code due to the system error, if you are not able to receive the SMS verification code, you can contact our online customer service

Login failed

Please check whether your network is stable, such as whether the web page can be opened; If you can open the web page, please exit or refresh the web page, and try logging in again later.

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